Travel Photography

Throughout the years, I have been able to travel the world and capture amazing images. My point of view is subtle and minimalist with little to no touching up. I like to keep my images as true to life as possible.

Below are samples of some of series I have from various locations. 

From: In Venezuela


A nation torn apart by political and social hostility where the people of Venezuela live day-to-day in fear and turmoil with no end in sight. A vibrant country of dramatic landscapes and vibrant colors, I have chosen to present all of the photos in black-and-white to represent the beauty and full potential that is dimmed by its current situation.

VZ Caracas.small

A view of Caracas from Àvila Mountain.

VZ Tele.small

Propaganda and public speeches are often in Venezuela.

VZ Cocinando.small

A grandma makes arepas.

VZ Madonna Col Bambino.small

Faced with uncertainties, a mother and son discuss.

VZ 84.small

Though long gone, Hugo Chavez is still a prominent figure in Venezuela.

VZ Nina

A little girl smiles during a traditional dance.

From: Japan

An island nation where past and future collide in bombastic contrast. Japan remains a weird and intriguing place of isolation and curiosity.

Tokyo Tower

The Tokyo Tower


Traditional festival mask from Kawagoe.


Famous floating tori gate outside of Hiroshima


Thousands of gates line the secluded walkway in a forest in Kyoto.


Cherry blossoms begin to bloom in early March in Kyoto.


Snow falls over the Kinkakuji, a golden pavilion in Kyoto.


Lion and lamp in Kawagoe.


Woman offering a prayer in Tokyo.

From: Morocco

A nation shrouded in traditions, Morocco is an exotic yet accessible location whose beautiful artwork at every turn is as present and in your face as its strict, conservative values.

The à la menthe

Young man enjoys his break time lunch

To The East

Sunrise over dunes near the Algerian border

Mint, Please

Pools filled with ink and bird feces used to dye materials


Intricate woodwork is commonly seen in Morocco


Morocco's oldest mosque

Morocco's Many Layers

A dusty sunset over a sleepy desert town